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Say hello to Peggie. At first glance, she is a simple and earnest system. Pegs. Panels. Shelves. Once you get to know her, you’ll learn that she is engaging and dependable. An all-rounder, Peggie’s perforated grid system and flexible kit of parts create a framework for your ideas.

Key Features


The design is straight-forward. Parts easily click and slot into place. Although it appears to be quite simple, the bones of the system, the peg, have been engineered and manufactured to have a precise angled taper on the ends to counteract natural tendency for sag and wedge into place. The pegs lock into place with a disguised steel spring-loaded hook that can be released by simply inserting a coin into a groove in the bottom of the peg. It was important the system was as easy to re-assemble into different configurations as it was to create the initial Peggie assembly.


Since launching at Euroshop (the worlds biggest retail fixture tradeshow) in 2017, Peggie has come back home to Australia and been adopted for a host of different applications. People are drawn to its graphic quality and adaptability and have applied their visions for creating everything from children’s rooms to tourist information centres to office fit-outs to salon merchandising systems using Peggie and her accessories.


Peggie has taken on the challenge of creating a Panel and Peg system that is an improvement on all fronts – clever and appealing design, quality materials and resolved mechanical functionality. Pegs lock into holes and do not fall out or sag. Shelves and hangrails locate onto pegs. Hooks, cups and all manner of accessories latch onto hangrails and pegs. Peggie endeavours to offer a wide range of accessories that make organizing with the system a delight.


Peggie eschews overly-complicated technology for the basic principles of design and physics. An original, the Peggie peg’s locking mechanism took many prototypes to perfect but the goal of an infallible result has been achieved. It doesn’t require a toolkit to rearrange, just the coin from your pocket will do. Australian coins preferred, but international accepted.


Being an evolution of a utilitarian product, Peggie did not want to stray too far from that humble origin. Therefor, the forms of the components and materials used in Peggie is intentionally basic. The earnest simplicity and the familiarity of the elemental shapes employed are part of its appeal. The neutral palette of black, white, brass and a couple wood finish options allows the system to be styled in most any imaginable way. Over and over again.

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