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Peaks4CF is a not-for-profit fundraising group, registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria. Peaks4CF are a group of amateur cyclists who are completing the Peaks Challenge cycling event in Victoria’s alpine region to raise awareness and money for Cystic Fibrosis Victoria (CFV). Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common genetic disorder affecting young Australians, it affects the lungs and digestive system, it shortens life and there is currently no cure. To engage a broad audience, raise funds in addition to CFV’s normal fundraising activities and to raise awareness the Peaks4CF group needed a unique brand and identity.

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Peaks4CF is inspired by 2-year-old Melbourne girl, Maya Dalton, who has CF. Peaks4CF is committed to raising awareness in the Victorian community about CF and how it is passed on as a recessive genetic condition, often by parents that are unaware of their carrier status. Peaks4CF is committed to raising money for CFV, the state’s peak body for CF. CFV provide advocacy, support and information services to families living with CF. CFV conduct awareness programs for the general public and fundraise to support services and promote CF cure research.


Peaks4CF raises awareness and funds as a group, and each member raises awareness and funds as an individual. The Peaks4CF brand, identity and website provides the group members with a unifying community identity and banner under which they can share CF information with their friends, family and networks. A catch cry to help them raise much needed funds. The Peaks4CF identity and cycling kit helps our riders be seen and recognised on the road, a reason to train, a reason to get together, a reason to smile while working hard for a good cause.


Most riders take on a challenge, but few take on the epic ones. The legend of the Peaks Challenge was born in Victoria\’s rugged High Country in 2010. Riders were pushed to their limits and beyond. It\’s not a race – it\’s much more than that. It\’s the ultimate challenge. A 235km course, 4,000+ metres of climbing, with a 13-hour time limit. One of the world\’s most difficult single day cycling events, on par with a stage of the Tour de France. The Peaks4CF group are tackling this enormous cycling challenge together and inspired by Maya Dalton.


The Peaks4CF shield is inspired by our cause and it gives us strength to cycle longer and harder to raise money and awareness for CFV. Since 1965, when a young boy pronounced Cystic Fibrosis as “65 Roses”, the rose has been a symbol for CF. The Peaks4CF shield is a stylised rose that incorporates three symbolic peaks, representing Towonga Gap, Mount Hotham and Falls Creek (each ascended by the group during the Peaks Challenge). The shield form ties these symbols together in a logo that embodies the strength and resilience of the group.


Peaks4CF are aiming to raise $40,000 for CFV by March 2017. A large proportion of these funds are expected from online donations. Only 5 months into the fundraising campaign the group has already raised over $6,000 in online donations. The Peaks4CF brand, identity, websites, social media presence and poster/flyer campaign in local shops all provide a platform for the group’s awareness message, while encouraging much needed donations from the community. In addition, they form part of the value proposition to prospective corporate sponsors, who are being approach to help cover costs and bolster fundraising.

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