Party Combo Lock


  • Knog Pty Ltd
  • Catalyst Design Group Pty Ltd


The Party Combo is the first combination lock released by Knog. Available in 6 bright colors, it’s patented, silicone overmoulded finish: oft-copied, never quite emulated – guarantees against scratches to your bike. Inside is a strong 5mm braided steel cable with fibre core inner delivering enhanced properties against would-be bike thieves. It provides up to 10,000 possible combinations and is really simple to use. It has a generous 620mm length to secure your bike and is also portable enough to twist and fit conveniently in your back pocket.

Key Features


The Party Combo lock is a logical step from the original Knog Sausage Lock range. Keyless security is handy if you’re the type to misplace or lose keys. The unique combination dials have built-in responsive and audible mechanisms that give you immediate feedback that your numbers are all in a line. The combination is easy to set and change with a simple and secure quarter-turn end cap. Compared to all other combination locks where the mechanics around the dials is typically very clunky, the Party Combo is much more refined and compact, providing much less leverage for tampering.


Industrial grade UV-stablised silicone provides extra longevity over standard silicone. It also minimizes deterioration caused by exposure to direct and indirect sunlight. The high-tensile steel wire cable with fibre-core inner is assembled to an 8mm stainless steel locking pin. Inside, the lock barrel is zinc alloy die cast and its resilience against impact is excellent.


The Party Combo is soft but strong. Utilizing Knog’s patented manufacturing processes, we are able to create seamless, streamlined assemblies. For cyclists, this makes the product a pleasure to use and helps with security by minimizing leverage points to tamper with.

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