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Partner Pages is a magazine full of beautifully curated content, produced annually. It is written by Xero partners (bookkeepers and accountants), who write inspiring stories to champion change within the finance and accounting industries.

Key Features


The content for Partner Pages was compiled by Xero partners who wrote inspiring stories to support the theme of ‘change and innovation’ within the accounting industry. This included social proof around the way partners and accountants have experimented or made changes to better their business and help their clients. The reader experiences a colourful, typographically driven magazine with smooth outer cover and a more tactile uncoated stock for inner pages.


Xero is dedicated to improving the lives of small business owners everywhere and developing rich resources around small business insights for our partners is critical to this advancement. The stories within Partner Pages are all dedicated toward enabling accountants and bookkeepers to help their clients run small businesses more efficiently. 7,000 copies of Partner Pages were distributed during Australian roadshows.


Design plays a key role in Xero\’s business practices. Partner Pages is just one of many models associated with the investment in design. Partner Pages has evolved to an 80 page magazine stocked full of original, collaborative content, photography, illustration and design. We worked closely with partners, suppliers and craftspeople from both within and outside the business.


Partner Pages is a physical, tangible piece of design that actively explores the power of small business to the Victorian and Australian economy. There are roughly 2.1 million small businesses across Australia, based on ABS figures and accountants and bookkeepers are key to assisting with the development of small business. Partner Pages seeks to explore the challenges, insights and innovations associated with running a small business.


The outcome was a 80pp magazine full of tailored content, illustrations, and photography. Various weights of Klim Type Foundry\’s National 2 were combined together as the preliminary typeface. Since much of the content was driven by quotes, statistics from small business insights and research we wanted to pay particular attention to the typographic and editorial details such as numerals, indents, ligatures and an adaptable grid system.

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