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The quality of sound in a space can significantly improve or hinder our quality of life and the well-being. We received a university project, which is for the design and production of an acoustic chandelier in a meeting room within the Design Hub. We named it CAGELING, it contained the active parts called D-canary, which aim to improve speech privacy by using sound masking system and the passive parts called Parrot, which aim to improve speech intelligibility.

Key Features


As part of the CAGELING, The passive design that called PARROT is an acoustic chandelier with complex geometry. It aims to improve the speech intelligibility inside of a specific meeting room. The meeting room is located in an open plan office, which is the level 8 of design hub. Due to the airflow and fireproof regulation, the meeting room has to be a non-airtight structure. It is also the reason caused the poor speech intelligibility and speech privacy.


The PARROT constructed by a series of hexagonal prisms as a modular system, combining concave as the overall shape enhances the acoustic performance of the meeting room. According to a series of study and certain amount number of tests, for the modular system, the speech intelligibility is enhanced through that highly sound reflected aluminum hexagonal prism, which is not only producing the sound reflection but also creating resonance, as several small amplifiers. In addition, the concave as the overall shape can focus sound to improve speech intelligibility. Finally, the design of complex geometry is due to the consideration of fireproof regulation, airflow and joining system as multiple facts.


1. The PARROT constructed by a series of a modular system, combining the overall shape. therefore it contained flexibility to extend into various geometric form.

2. By replacing the material and the geometric form of the Parrot can provide different acoustic performance.

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