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The Paper Saver is a simple solution to further use printed paper – reducing waste and helping the environment – in a stylish way.

Eight years ago, Jon Yong, a Melbourne-based architect, grew tired of seeing printed draft designs become obsolete almost as soon as they were printed. In 2014, still using his handmade Paper Saver, Jon decided anyone, and more importantly, the environment, could benefit from a Paper Saver.

Single-sided printed paper that would’ve otherwise being thrown away is stacked together, folded in half and inserted into the Paper Saver as pages of the last notebook you\’ll ever need.

Key Features


1. Unlimited paper supply whilst reducing waste:

The sleeve inside the Paper Saver enables you to insert printed paper as your notebook pages, again and again. The 0.5mm thick polypropylene sleeve, ensuring durability, has a 6mm opening for the paper insertion. A crease was added to the sides of the sleeve to enable a \’spring\’ effect – pressed down for less paper as a gripping mechanism, and expanded as more paper is added for flexibility in the amount of paper inserted. The ability to press it down increases shipping efficiency for a lower carbon footprint, reducing costs for us and customers.


2. Double-sided faux leather cover

Not only is the external cover made from faux leather, but also the inner lining – a first in a notebook – rather than stock paper. This means it is safe from spills, and if your inside pages become wet, you can simply replace them for a new notebook. This conscious decision to use faux leather for both the external and inner lining is a feature to truly make the Paper Saver the most long-lasting notebook.

The Paper Saver is aesthetically pleasing in both appearance and touch – soft yet scratch resistant. Its elegant, professional appearance subtly showcases your environment conscience.


3. Spineless Notebook

The Paper Saver doesn\’t have a spine like traditional notebooks, allowing it to truly lay flat like no other notebook for a better, more comfortable writing experience.

The spineless cover design also enables the Paper Saver to fold back 360 degrees so you can easily hold it with one hand and take notes with the other, perfect for taking notes on the go.


4. Sustainability

Everything is digital nowadays, but we still use an average 230kg of paper per person per year in Australia. Every office uses 10,000 sheets of paper annually, and 50% ends up as garbage.

The Paper Saver’s aim is to help minimise the amount of paper wasted by enabling everyone to utilise paper to its full potential.

The incorporation of a crease in the polypropylene sleeve (in which paper is inserted) enables a spring effect, allowing the Paper Saver to be pressed down and flat packed when shipping, optimising packing configurations when shipped from our supplier, to our warehouse and customers. This was a conscious design decision to minimise carbon footprint.


5. Two Sizes

The Paper Saver was made to fit the two most commonly used paper sizes, A4 and A3 size paper, so anyone can conveniently use it and make that extra contribution to the environment.

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