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The Palm Caffe Cup is at one with your coffee.

It has been designed to appeal to all the senses – it is beautiful and tactile, the novel cap and lid allows the full aroma to escape, the ceramic mouth-feel cap retains the pleasure of sipping from an open cup, the materials do not taint the coffee, the novel window allows the coffee to be seen, it can be easily cleaned.

The Palm Caffe Cup solves consumer’s biggest issues with existing travel cups – poor mouth feel, tainted coffee, trapped aroma, tall shapes, difficult to open caps and difficulty of cleaning.

Key Features


Beautiful and User-Friendly Design
The Palm Caffe Cup honours Café culture with its beautiful and tactile design that is appropriate, distinctive and compelling.
Attention has been paid to being user friendly:
• Natural drinking action.
• The lid clicks to open and clicks to close with a simple push.
• Full Coffee Flavour – No taint, non-absorbent materials are used. Seals are bonded so no debris traps.
• The high density cap material has a ceramic-like mouth feel.
• The cap and lid click apart for complete cleaning.
• It is dishwasher and microwave safe.
• It has a non-slip base and a low centre of gravity


Disruptive Technologies
Two disruptive technologies were developed by Palm – both are believed to be world’s first.
• The patent-pending triple-walled cup body construction is 30% lower in height than typical double walled containers without loss of thermal properties. The inner and outer walls are made from clear Tritan® and the middle wall is a specially developed soft insulating material which bonds to form a robust composite body.
• The design-protected pivoting lid and cap assembly enables cup-like drinking, one-handed opening and closing, easy removal for cleaning, and leak-proof closing. It makes the spouts and drinking holes of competitors obsolete.


Design Transformation and Impact
The company has diversified away from the Automotive Industry into consumer products based upon the technical and production capability learnt from this industry.
The company markets a range of in-house made unbreakable drink and tableware for local and export markets.
Design and multi-disciplinary technical excellence have been the foundations of this transformation.
Consumer products are based upon beautiful design, fit-for-purpose functionality and sustainability.
Our success can be measured by the winning of 2 Red Dot awards (The Marc Newson Unbreakable Drinkware Collection in 2014 and the Sorona Plate and Bowl Collection in 2016) and our growing international and local business.


Designed for Manufacture in Australia
The Palm Caffe Cup is made entirely in Palm Products’ facility in Moorabbin. It has been designed for world markets so it needed to be internationally price competitive. This was a key driver and led to the number of components being reduced to 3 and each being designed for automated production. The triple-walled cup body and the cap and seal are each 2-shot moulded in one operation and the components are easily assembled.
In contrast, competitors’ double walled cup bodies have 2 parts that are usually welded together, and button type closures can have up to 6 components.


The Caffe Cup contributes to Sustainability in 5 ways
• It can replace disposable cups.
• It can have a low environmental cost per use. Its user friendly features encourages replacement of disposable cups and the engineering grade materials give almost unlimited life. The poor utility of most travel cups means that many remain in the cupboard unused.
• The Lid and Cap are made from DuPont® Sorona®, which contains 37% renewably sourced material.
• It is 100% recyclable.
• The materials used are BPA-free and food-grade approved without maximum daily exposure limits.

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