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The Palm Unbreakable Plate and Bowl collection is an intricate intersection of high-end materials, technology, advanced manufacturing and beautiful design.
Two disruptive technologies have enabled significant advances in design, functionality and sustainability over melamine products.
The first is a new super-tough material called Sorona® from DuPont™. It contains 35% renewably sourced material. An additive also used in mobile phones, assists the surface to be highly scratch-resistant.
The second is the use of 2-shot moulding technology to economically add an integral coloured non-slip ring.
The collection is guaranteed unbreakable and dishwasher safe and can be used for re-heating in a microwave.

Key Features


1 Designed to be beautiful
The organic shapes flow from curve to curve. They are open and welcoming, allowing the contents to be the hero. The operating surfaces of the plates are flat.
The high density of Sorona® gives the collection a solid feel. Wall sections have been carefully considered to give adequate weight
Sorona\’s® high-gloss finish allied with mirror polishing and injection moulding technology makes the surface difficult to distinguish from fine-bone china.
The collection gives pleasure in use and is an acceptable alternative to ceramic when breakage is an issue.


2 Designed to perform outdoors and indoors
There are 2 plates – 250mm and 210mm diameter and a bowl of 150mm diameter.
The edges of the plates are raised for easy holding and to restrain the contents.
The bowl is deep to restrain the contents and is tapered for easy holding.
The collection stacks securely and efficiently for transport and for storage (often in boats or RV’s).
The materials used and the robust design enables the collection to be guaranteed unbreakable and dishwasher safe.
Contents can be reheated in a microwave (melamine can crack in a microwave.)
They are also suitable for children.


3 Coloured Integral Non-slip ring
A non-slip ring is moulded onto the base using 2-shot injection moulding technology. A chemical bond between the 2 materials ensures that it cannot come off and importantly cannot collect debris from washing.
In some melamine plates, a non-slip ring is press fitted or glued into an annulus. Debris invariably collects between the annulus and the ring. Press-fit rings will stress relieve with hot water washing and can fall out.
The Nonslip rings aids stability on smooth, uneven or moving surfaces.
The softness of the ring makes a solid clunk when put down and protects a surface from scratching.
The heat insulating properties of the ring enable hot food to be insulated from a table surface.


4 Sustainability
The collection is made from DuPont™ Sorona® – a new material that contains 35% renewably sourced material made from corn waste in Kentucky USA. Sorona® uses less energy to produce than comparative materials.
The Sorona® and the soft TPE material are 100% recyclable. (Melamine is a thermoset plastic so it cannot be recycled)
The collection conserves resources as it has an almost infinite life, outlasting its competitors many times – as it is unbreakable, dishwasher safe, scratch resistant and robust in design.
The collection is made in a factory accredited to ISO14001, using the latest European low-energy equipment and made virtually without waste.


5 Design Impact
Palm Products is transitioning from a contract injection moulder with a reliance on the automotive industry to a design-driven consumer products company.
The consumer products range is based upon
• Beautiful design
• Functional excellence
• Food-safety and sustainability
• Manufacturing excellence – including design for manufacturing
This project involved a close working relationship between Palm Product’s staff and Victorian based mould designer, tool-maker, material engineers and equipment manufacturers.
All production is at the company’s automated and accredited Moorabbin facility.
The collection is targeted at local and export markets. The company exports allied products to Asia, North and South America, Europe and the Middle-East.

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