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While some medical record systems and pain diaries already existed, we didn’t find any of them allowed patients to summarise the level of detail needed to fully explain how the pain was affecting their lives. These products also didn’t record all the details often required by health care practitioners.

A system was needed to couple together all the aspects of a patient’s pain journey and put them in the driver’s seat to manage their care better. And so, we built PainTrain.

Key Features


Soula brings her insights as a chronic pain patient to the development of PainTrain, and also user her skills as an artist and creative designer to help graphically display and communicate a patient’s pain journey.

This means that information patients put into PainTrain is accurately summarised in a way that health care practitioners can glance at them to gain a full patient summary. This frees up time in appointments to discuss treatment and pain management techniques. The person with the chronic illness also feels more supported as their pain teams remain familiar with their progress.


One of the problems of having to explain her story is that Soula — as many of us would — finds it difficult to remember, in sufficient detail, the names of the experts she’s seen, when she saw them, the names of the tests they carried out, the treatments they experimented with, which ones worked, which ones didn’t, the variations on the experimentations, the names of all the medications, the doses, the frequency, etc.

So Soula came up with the idea for PainTrain. She hopes that by making her health summarising system available to other patients it will help ease their pain journey, save everyone associated with it time and money, and empower patients to manage their own care.


PainTrain – My Health Summary:
• Reduces the trauma of having to repeat the user experience
• Keeps information private, and allows the user to control access of their health summaries via private access links
• Improves communication between health care practitioners, family, carers and friends
• Helps the user stay in touch with their pain team between appointments and also prepare for upcoming appointments
• Allows the user to update their information immediately on any device 24/7
• Offers daily mood detailing while noting the patient’s medication intake and exercise activity
• Allows the user to label their appointments (good or bad)
• Allows the health care practitioners to view, treatments, operations, xrays and other imaging using a timeline and upload function
• Includes a patient questionnaire that is adjustable
• Allows the user to make unlimited health summaries

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