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A novel DIY Hardware product developed with safety in-mind. The PAINT POT PRO® is the ultimate painter’s aid. The pot, designed for brush and mini-roller, has a detachable handle that transforms into a multi-use utility tool. The PAINT POT PRO® is designed to enable the delivery of 14 practical functions. Each of the six pot functions and eight multi-use tool handle functions have been designed to help the painter throughout painting tasks. Safety is paramount. With the magnetised brush rest and belt-clips the painter can abide by the ‘three-point of safety ladder rule’. Made from RoHS approved and eco-friendly plastics.

Key Features


Abiding to the ‘three-points of contact safety rule’ (two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand on the ladder at all times) is a challenge for painters’.
Globally, falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths; and are responsible for over 17-million DALYs (disability-adjusted-life-years) lost. In Australia, painting and decorating services sector has the highest number of fatalities due to a fall from height.
The PAINT POT PRO® angled magnetised brush rest and belt-clips allow the painter to abide by the ‘three-points of contact safety rule’ whilst ascending, descending, and using a ladder during painting.


The painting industry invests considerable resources into innovative and functional designs to meet the expectations of the contemporary DIY and Trade painter. For example, brushes and rollers are now made from advanced materials. Designing a product that complements the use of these existing high-selling painting tool accessories was at the centre of our product developed. Painters can use their existing painting tools with the PAINT POT PRO®, as well as capture on the product’s multiple features such as the angled magnetised brush-rest. The customer can do so with the comfort of knowing the plastics used are eco-friendly and RoHS compliant.


The challenge was to design a strong, versatile product in which every feature achieves its intended purpose without compromising on quality. Product testing and multiple prototypes were conducted throughout the design transformation stage. We considered and altered:
• angles of the pot to maximise function
• weight distribution of the pot (with/without tool-handle), when used on the ground, in-hand, on-belt
• TPR for mullet, to prevent damaging paint tins
• Steel for the blade (thickness/strength)
• Plastics for the pot (durability).
In its entirety, the product is much more affordable than if customers purchased every function of the PAINT POT PRO® as a tool separately.


The PAINT POT PRO\’s® design and development commenced over 15-years ago. With each evolution; multiple prototypes; and sourcing eco-friendly manufacturing plants and plastics, the product is on the market.
The PAINT POT PRO® design/features sit perfectly within the growing modern painting tools market. The pots 6 functions: 1500ml pot; angled/magnetised brush-rest; belt-clips for safe ladder use; wiping blades; roller glide and holders; and replaceable pot liners. The detachable tool handle 8 functions: tin opener; mullet; brush and roller cleaner; scraper; measurement guide; thread-gauge; and beer-bottle opener. No other painting accessory combines these features, supports safety, and saves time and money.


The PAINT POT PRO® is designed:
• To be used for paint as well as other products such as varnish and oils
• Replaceable liners are made from recyclable plastics
• Pot is extremely durable and built to last
• Product is priced to achieve affordability in the marketplace
• Suitable for DIY and Trade
• Designed for left- and right-hand use
• Pot belt-clips can be used in various ways e.g. on waist belt or on ladder strap
• Website and animation:
There is no comparable painters’ tool in the global market with the features and design of the PAINT POT PRO®. An Australian owned invention!

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