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Pace is a versatile walking aid that allows people to be as mobile as possible while still going at their own pace. Pace is for people with mobility challenges who are in need of greater or lesser assistance due to variation in their disability or when more of less fatigued or for different activities. It is a convertible walking assistance device, that can be changed from a walking stick, to a two-point walking aid, or to a four-point walking aid, depending on what level of assistance is required at the time.

Key Features


Pace is a lightweight aid that provides the user with steady and reliable support that is easy to maneuver.
The height is adjustable which allows the user to assume a natural posture.
It is easy to Transform pace into each of the modes. The sections pull apart and lock into place using push buttons or elastic tentpole-like connections.


This product is designed for people of any age, but unlike many mobility devices, it may be especially appropriate for younger people with disabilities because it can enable them to continue their normal activities such as working and socializing in spite of the development of a disability.
People can feel as if they are losing their independence when they need to start using a walking aid. This design aims to remove assumptions linked with traditional walking aids.
By combining different levels of support in one product, Pace can reduce required to make more mobility aids.


Research was centred on a younger audience rather than the elderly demographic who are often the target audience for mobility aids. It is important that design approaches consider the diverse needs of users. Design shouldn’t just focus on the experience of users that make up the majority. Although many people using mobility aids belong to an elderly demographic doesn’t mean designing for this audience will provide suitable solutions for everyone who may use mobility aids. Considering alternatives to the standard approach of designing mobility aids allows for a design that can be used in a more dynamic way by anyone.


Considers a broader demographic of user and how a mobility aid may be used for a wider range of activities and lifestyles.
Pace can be used as a four-point walking aid for longer, more arduous walks and as a walking stick or as a two-point walking aid for shorter walks, such as moving around the office or home. This allows the design to adapt to the everchanging needs of its user.
Pace has been designed to be more discrete and less bulky than a standard four-point walking frame and can be collapsed for easy storage and transport.

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