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Just a weekend of camping can reset your body “clock” and improve your sleep. The Oztent Redgum HotSpot is inspired by aerospace-grade sleep research to maximise your outdoor sleep comfort.

The sleeping bag size is generous but does not compromise insulation. The padding is precisely designed to support core muscle sections for back and side sleepers.

Comfortable sleep temperature is different for everyone, and the Oztent Redgum HotSpot lets you adjust the warmth with six points of active heating. Insert the reusable HotSpot Pouches in the pockets of your choosing and have a great night’s sleep.

Key Features


The Redgum was informed by evidence-based science from sleep, ergonomics and physiotherapy research and serves as a prime example of knowledge transfer between Australian Design Research and Industry.

The design not only supports user comfort for back and side sleeping but also make rolling inside the sleeping bag possible.

Physiotherapy grade, reusable heat packs, can be inserted into up to five points of active heating, allowing the user to create his or her ideal sleep environment.

Two Redgums can be zipped up together for co-sleeping, and one side can have a different temperature profile from the other.


Health: The Redgum HotSpot Sleeping Bag aims to help Australians live a more active lifestyle through outdoor activities and recover from our markedly disturbed sleep patterns caused by technology and urban living.

Environment: Camping is an environmentally sustainable recreational alternative to international travel and camping activities make direct and significant contributors to funding to nature conservation efforts.

Business: Globally, the sleeping bags/airbeds segment was the second-largest market in 2017, valued at USD 1,459.1 million; it is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 4.95%. The Redgum is a blond entry of Australian share in this market.


The Redgum HotSpot Sleeping bags benefit;

The end-users with better sleep comfort and recovered sleep cycles;

The designers and the manufacturer with knowledge advances and business success;

The Victorian/Australian Design industry and institutions as evidence of successful knowledge transfer between research and industry; and

Design Thinking by providing further evidence that design leadership can reliably and effectively deliver straightforward solutions to complex problems.


Temperature normality – the point where one no longer desires to be cooler or warmer in sleep is the most challenging goal to achieve. Not only is temperate normality different for each person, but the preference changes with varying stages of sleep. We often over or under-compensate with bedroom temperature and the difficulty compounds further in camping.

The Redgum takes on this challenge through affordable and safe design innovations. The patented HotSpots not only add warmth to the sleeping bag but also evenly and gradually release heat – synchronising with the body’s tendency to heat up at bedtime and cool down overnight.


Redgum is an outcome of a collaboration between a design researcher and industry.

The product solves a significant challenge in sleeping outdoors with a straightforward, effective, affordable and safe design.

The product is an Australian entry into a global market of over a billion dollars.

The project involved heavy use of prototypes in the form of sketches, CAD models, scaled representations and full-sized verification mock-ups throughout the course of development.

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