Creative Production Services (CPS) specialise in ephemeral ‘ART’ structures for exhibitions and festivals, however, in order to live on as WORKS OF ART the structures need to be documented. CPS believes in recording their spaces in artistic ways as a strategy to encompass and promote art within art and they approached us with this in mind. We created a story based on the art of poetry featuring artists dressed by artists, wearing make up by artists, playing characters created by an artist, directed, shot and edited by artists, all in the name of art.

Key Features


To consolidate THE HOUSE OF MIRRORS by CPS as a welcoming artistic space to attract, inspire and be used by other artists. The structure ‘THE HOUSE OF MIRRORS’ was the backdrop for the fashion story OWLS AND PUSSY CATS in which the characters in the story multiply via reflections, thereby revealing multiple facets of the same artists to create the illusion of an ’artists hub’ where like minded people gather. Our team produced a series of stills and moving images celebrating the individual artists involved in the story and honouring the space itself as art.


CPS were given the moving images and stills from the series OWLS AND PUSSY CATS as a means to promote their works to global art based festivals. This in turn promotes international trade in creative industries, collaborations between designers and a building of international pathways for a myriad of multidisciplinary artists including fashion and structures as art.


The OWL AND PUSSY CATS series has inspired CPS to ’hand over the keys’ of their ephemeral art structures to artists who apply in the cities and counties where they are exhibiting festival structures. Handing over the keys to artists opens up global dialogue between all artists and collaborators due to the common denominator – THE STRUCTURE – and generously promotes Victorias’ creativity and originality of design.


Viewers of our story automatically click into a world of fantasy and fairytale when they enter the HOUSE OF MIRRORS because OWLS AND PUSSY CATS demonstrates the art of magic and fantasy in a real time art space. This process enhances the viewers experience of the exhibit and beds in thoughts of finding alternate worlds, dreams and ideas created in their own imagination within the space.


OWLS & PUSSYCATS celebrates LOVE in all its forms and mirrors the magic, complexity and allure of relationships through reflection, layering and gender neutrality. In the original poem by Edward Lear the OWL, a bird of prey, is portrayed as male and the PUSSYCAT, also a hunter, is portrayed as female. Our story is told by each and ultimately the impartiality of biological differences. The story, film and stills, is a collaboration between Virginia Dowzer, Bronwyn Kidd, the creators of HOUSE OF MIRRORS and a team of Artists who collectively give insight into who they would prefer to be.. Owl or Pussycat?

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