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Orygen is the world’s leading research and knowledge centre for mental health among our youth. In working with young people, the organisation is relentless in its commitment to redefine what’s possible in global research, policy, education and clinical care. To reach more young people, more effectively, Orygen needed to unify their two existing organisations. Their vision was to transform youth mental health support by bringing together specialist and enhanced primary care systems into the one seamless model to ensure that the needs of patients and their families were met. With this renewed focus came the need for a refreshed brand.

Key Features


Our logo and brand identity system are underpinned by the semi-colon motif we developed in consultation with young people – a familiar yet meaningful symbol that signals a thoughtful pause for reflection, with more to come.

Arresting portraiture photography captures people in a honest but respectful way and expressive hand-cut illustrations give the brand the flexibility to talk to a broad audience. Unique and ownable, the beauty of these illustrations lies in the rawness of their imperfections. Just as the brand is positioned to never settle, so too will this set of illustrations continue to evolve over time.


Noisy, competitive and at times under-resourced, the sector is facing increasing pressure to design and deliver services. We embraced the opportunity to break free from category conventions and create a brand with an attitude to challenge and the gravitas to lead. To capture the ambition and passion of the organisation and its people, we created a future brand centred on the idea ‘Never Settle’: Orygen never settle for anything less than providing the best support and care that young people need and deserve.

The unified brand not only helps Orygen drive clarity and impact, but reinvigorates employees, helping to build a stronger culture of passionate and pioneering clinicians, researchers, educators and advocates.


In embarking on this brand unification journey, Orygen brought the organisation together in one physical space. The new brand signified the completion of their purpose-built Parkville facility, marking a new wave of progress and determination to find better, more seamless ways of serving young people. Which, as a not-for-profit, is critical to ensuring they’re making the most of their funding.

Equipped with a world-class brand to match its world-class approach and services, Orygen has the gravitas to lead the sector and reshape the future. Today’s investment will help drive brand awareness, clarity and impact tomorrow, and for years to come.


We believe that when you help create something, it means more to you. Given collaboration and empathy are core to Orygen’s patient-centred philosophy, we worked side-by-side with young patients to directly inform the brand’s development. Through co-creating we ensured the design not only advances the user experience but also ensures it delivers on the project objective to reach more young people, more effectively.

In addition, the brand architecture solution to unite the two organisations in purpose and geography gives clarity to the Orygen proposition and gives young people seamless access to the holistic care they need


What you say and how you say it, says a lot about who you are. In order to create meaningful connections with young people, Orgyen’s visual and verbal identity needed to work together. We developed a tone of voice that carries emotion and personality, capturing Orygen’s restless determination to deliver practical solutions that make a real-world impact. Like the brand itself, the Orygen voice is action-oriented, understanding and brave.

To cut through a cluttered market, we used restraint in our brand toolkit – from colour palette to photography – ensuring the messages being put into market could be accessed and understood intuitively.

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