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The Orbitkey Ring is a solution to one of our most universally known problems. We’ve completely redesigned the conventional keyring to make attaching and detaching your keys effortless.(not to mention, no more broken fingernails).

The Orbitkey Ring is designed to be slim enough to suit many different types of keys, but durable enough to suit any lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to connect two sets of keys, share keys with others, or carry just the essentials when you jog – the Orbitkey Ring makes it super convenient, and secure.

Key Features


Every component of the Orbitkey Ring has been considered down to the very last detail.

The unique construction relies on two materials– so different in characteristic – working together harmoniously to create a truly functional accessory. The rigid outer ring and flexible inner ring can be assembled together without any additional fasteners – creating a beautiful, seamless appearance.

The size of the Orbitkey Ring was designed with consideration to ease of operation, size of keys, and also correct proportion. The result is a beautifully understated elegance, that you can carry everywhere with confidence.


From the outset, we wanted to encourage our community to be conscious of what they’re carrying. With the Orbitkey Ring, people can carry just the essentials, at any given time.

For the launch of this new product, we found ourselves going back to our roots, Kickstarter. Our campaign was supported by 7,055 people worldwide, raising over $350,000 USD.

With multiple international design awards already under our belt, including Good Design Awards and an iF Gold award, we hope to continue to promote Australian designs globally – showcasing our ability to create innovative solutions to everyday problems.


Since the successful launch of the Orbitkey Key Organiser in 2013, we have continued to challenge the norm and transformed the way people interact with their keys.

This time around, we took an item that has stayed the same for over a century, and reinvented it. The result is the birth of a product that solves a design need that many people never expected, but can instantly relate to. Through design and innovation, we hope to continue to solve many more problems that seem to be widely accepted, and inspire others to do the same.


Our design features a patent-pending locking mechanism that can be unlocked by a simple motion of a pull and rotate – allowing for quick and secure access. After a full rotation, the locking feature drops back into place automatically – limiting its movement and keeping all your keys secure.

The mechanism is designed to be slim enough to suit all types of keys and accessories, yet durable. We also added a pull tab, so you can easily unlock the mechanism when you need to.


In the process of creating the Orbitkey Ring, we ended up thinking about other accessories that could help our community organise better. We took the design cues of the Orbitkey Ring, and infused them into the design of the Orbitkey Clip and Strap.

The Orbitkey Clip allows you to clip your items anywhere, securely. In comparison, The Strap works as an elegant carry strap, to hang your keys and other everyday items.

Both products come with an innovative clasp design that allows you to detach and interchange keyring easily, and securely. The ecosystem work great individually, but even better together.

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