• Binatone Electronics International Limited


Orbit is both a movable and tactile object that can be carried and moved easily anywhere thanks to the powerful magnetic enclosure. The additional accessories such as the indoor and outdoor mounts have been designed to integrate safety, security and practical features to the Orbit.

Orbit is equipped with an high capacity battery and ultra-wide (150 deg) viewing angle that can capture 1080P of footage which can be seen in real time and recorded via the Hubble App. Beyond just recording, Orbit also provides analytic features like Human detection and Zone detection.

Key Features


The Iconic design language of Orbit epitomized the notion of simplicity and purposefulness as its detailed and sculptural surface treatment suggest, fidelity and elegance. With a design split in two parts, we are expressing the versatility aspect of the object between the indoor and outdoor use. The first front half of the Orbit has a beautifully detailed geometrical surface treatment around the lens while the second half offers a glossy and minimal outer shell that by transparency displays a larger origami-like fold of sleek surfaces producing sophistication and precision.

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