OPTUS Chadstone – Forward Thinking Telco at the Fashion Capital 




OPTUS engaged greater group to design and build their latest “experience” store, at the nation’s largest shopping center and fashion capital, ‘Chadstone’. The expectations for a store in such prime location entailed accomplished design expertise, while keeping to the Client’s brief.

Aim: To bring Customers a cutting-edged introduction to new technology and heightened entertainment experience, as well as delivering a fashion statement store.

The store was designed to allow Customers to feel at home, in an inviting “high-end” environment. New categories and elements were introduced to specifically to appeal to the wide Chadstone demographic and bridge age, language and taste gaps.

Key Features


Oversized digital shopfront display with a “fashion forward feel” – First to be introduced to an OPTUS store. Elements work cohesively to take advantage of the immense space.

Chill-out zones including children areas allowing customers to “play” without feeling intimidated.

New fixture categories and audio table to present lifestyle elements bundled with mobile services including “wearables” like VRs/smartwatches.

Shopability enhanced with strategically placed fixtures, tried & tested store layouts- taking the customers through the entire store and experience theatre, product and great service.

New ‘Connect Home’ entertainment system- Tried & tested formats for presenting digital content for the future needs of OPTUS.

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