OPAL Power Socket


  • Transco Electrical


Aesthetics, form and function have not only been considered but coalesced and mastered in OPAL power socket. With a fit, finish and quality hitherto unseen in traditional outlets, the affordable luxury offers sleek design for modern interior projects. With the aid of its flat faceplate, minimised socket and flat push button, it is the only product on the market showing consistent flat and glass-look appearance. It is retro-fitted to any standard mounting bracket and equipped with configurable LED indicators. Never before has such attention to detail been brought to every aspect of affordability, aesthetics, efficiency and usability.

Key Features


Seamless Flat and Glass-Look Design

OPAL’s unique design consists of a brilliant glass-look faceplate covering minimised socket holes and non-convex push button switches, making it the only one on the market achieving desired seamless flat and glass-look appearance.


Rockerless Push Button Switch with LED Indicator

The stylish flat push button switch features the rockerless soft press mechanism for easy operation, as well as LED indicators to show when power is on for safety, foolproof, energy saving and convenience purpose.



OPAL marks a vision of ease of installation and a dedication to the avoidance of any wastage. It is designed to be retro-fittable to any standard mounting bracket or block.

There is no need for modification to the existing mounting bracket or block, or acquisition of any special bracket or block to start benefitting from the product.



OPAL not only satisfies the consumer’s needs for a long time to come, but also supports environmental sustainability through its innovative design.

Retro-fitting and re-using is paramount to reduce wastes during installation, while soft press button with LED assists in an energy saving operation by encouraging operators to switch off power when not needed.

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