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  • NEXUS, St. Vincent\'s Hospital
  • Dept. of Design, Monash University


A high number of people accessing health services have mental health and alcohol or other drug issues – termed dual diagnosis. Exploring these complex issues requires evidence based, high quality tools that staff can use to improve assessment and treatment.

The online Reasons For Use Package ( is a resource that facilitates therapeutic conversations with consumers to explore issues relating to the interaction between their mental health and alcohol and/or other drug use.

Key Features


The Reasons for Use Package (RFUP) was designed in response to workers in the field asking for resources to assist them to assess and treat dual diagnosis issues. The RFUP has been designed to align with common health and welfare skills that workers already have. It provides a framework for applying these skills in a practical and user-friendly manner. It is used by a wide range of health professionals to explore dual diagnosis issues in partnership with consumers. The website makes the package more accessible and its user experience mimics the spirit of exchange embodied by the RFUP.


The evidence we have suggests that health professionals who use the Reasons for Use Package for its intended purpose can explore and develop treatment plans with consumers more comprehensively and in less time. It is a cost and time saver for the health industry.

Quotes from workers that have used the RFU Package:
“Simple, meaningful and related to work practice”
“Good for building dual diagnosis into core practice”
“…very personal approach to their (the consumer’s) situation”


The RFUP changes the way health professionals are able to explore dual diagnosis issues because it combines an easy to follow structure, intuitive interface and approach to working with consumers with these complex issues.

A large national mental health community support service, Neami National, have adopted the Reasons for Use Package as part of mandatory training for all frontline staff. Cohealth, a community health consortia, is currently rolling out the RFUP to a number of their programs.


The Reasons for Use Package whilst primarily a collaboration between St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and Monash University included input and feedback from many health professionals throughout the design and testing phases.

The RFUP is an innovative way to increase productivity. It can be used as a benchmarking tool for health services. This can leader to greater transparency and accountability in the way health services address consumers with dual diagnosis issues.


Having the web based version gives us greater flexibility in terms of being able to conduct training here and across the globe.
The straightforward layout means less training time is required.
Adds to the legitimacy of the package by giving it a professional look.
Makes marketing the package to prospective customers simpler.

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