One Way Restaurant


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  • Hody Hong


One Way ( 灣 味) is the english name of a new Taiwanese restaurant that has launched in mainland China, with a great mix of dishes from Taiwan and mainland China. One Way is the phonetic pronunciation of the restaurants name, so we wanted to visually intemperate this play on words.

Key Features


The brand identity needed to be used in an array of ways, across print and digital media, in a fun and and informative manner.
The primary iconography denotes the two different mouth forms which reflect how the name of the restaurant is pronounced, creating a warm and friendly introduction to the brand.


As One Way ( 灣 味) will cater to english speaking customers as well as local customers, it was imperative to create a system of icons which would explain what is on offer, in an enjoyable way, whilst keeping a minimal colour palette that signals the navy blue of the Taiwanese flag.


The brand identity is robust in its approach, so that a detailed system of graphical elements could be used for a mix of situations. This could then be used by the in-house marketing department moving into the future.

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