One Seed Branding & Packaging


  • Ennis & Perry
  • One Seed Perfume


One Seed is a boutique Australian organic perfumery passionate about creating wholly natural products without compromising on beauty or quality.

One Seed approached Ennis & Perry to develop the One Seed brand and give the business a fresh new look and feel. The studio developed a unique brand for One Seed that exudes earthy luxury and sophistication, a luxe brand connected to nature.

Branding was developed to bring a genuine, natural and intimate luxury to the customer. Through the clever use of graphic elements and illustration the studio created a unique visual that embodies the brand ethos.

Key Features


1 – Design Impact

Ennis & Perry created a brand and packaging solution that reflects the authentic, organic, natural, botanical and hand crafted nature of One Seed perfumes. A look and feel that gives One Seed a strong and unique presence within the market place “sophisticated yet still organic”. Design elements including a striking copper foil and white ink, all come together to form a beautiful and memorable brand.

A perfect case study on how effective design shifts perceptions and influences buying behaviour, the project had a huge impact on sales providing evidence that the right branding can change a business overnight.


2 – Minimising Waste

The packaging solution for developed for One Seed is flexible & updatable, the solution allows for easy adaptability for new fragrances without major expense or production and importantly reduces any packaging going to waste – a sustainable solution for business and resources.

All work & manufacturing for One Seed Perfume including the beautiful packaging design was produced wholly in Australia by local suppliers. The team at Ennis Perry Creative are very proud of this achievement and opportunity to work with clients who are passionate about supporting local suppliers.

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