OCKI – Fruit Bowl


  • Craig Dorrington
  • Kaos Design
  • OCKI -


“OCKI” Fruit Bowl

A functional bowl with a unique aesthetic appeal. The fruit bowl exists as a stand-alone item featured on a bench or sideboard and so the design challenge involves both form and function. The brand comes from the image of the Echidna, evolving into the word “Ocki” The branding association to the Echidna was born out of the relationship to the spikes and also to support its origin as Australian. This and its ability to pack flat and be packaged gives it appeal to the traveller wanting something substantial that is uniquely Australian.

Design Applied – Batch Ref SDBM 0000 154658

Key Features


From out of the box Ocki transforms itself, with a little bit of help from an allen key, into a generous cradle to hold and aerate fruit

The principle material is Australian hardwood, from old Melbourne fences, saved from tip sites
The machined timber is chosen for its inherent natural features accumulated sometimes over 40 years in peoples back gardens. This product is about transformation and surprise

Its appeal owes much to a wine barrel, the hull of a wooden boat or spokes of a wooden wheel than to any notion of existing tableware

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