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The Observant C3 is a self-contained battery and solar powered, remote sensing and control platform. it is the latest product in the evolution of Observant’s primary remote infrastructure management offering. The C3 has been designed for deployment in the harshest of conditions. It provides a rich set of features suited to the wide and varied applications demanded by modern water, environmental and utility industries. Combining Design For Manufacture principles with a strict set of user-centric design criteria the C3 is allowing Observant to deliver a higher level of flexibility at a lower price than ever before.

Key Features


End users can achieve greater efficiency in management of key infrastructure.
In combination with Observant’s other offerings and a range of 3rd party sensing equipment users can remotely manage and monitor range of equipment from various irrigation hardware to environmental conditions and utilities. This allows for:
– Reduced labour inputs by remotely checking for correct equipment operation in real time
– Reduced maintenance time and costs by receiving an automated alerts and time based reminders
– Single source source of information for their entire property or infrastructure system
– Reliable historical data and tracking to make better decisions.


The C3 lowers the bar in terms of acceptance of high-technology into historically low-tech industries.
The C3 exhibits:
– An ease of installation and minimal maintenance not usually seen in this product category
– Greater compatibility with standard electrical conduits and mechanical fastening systems
– Broad compatibility with standard third party sensor interfaces
– A simple ‘plug and play’ design allowing for a non-technical users to install hardware with confidence.


Flexible deployment and installation options.
The C3 can be configured for modular operation or complete stand-alone operation when integrated into Observant’s robust solar enclosure.
– Internal installation in third party equipment or within an optional self-contained 14W solar powered outdoor enclosure
– Choice of physical mounting options, including pole, square post and wall mounting
– Flexible power supply options
– Pre-deployed third party technology partner product interfaces through Observant GlobalLink.


Multiple and future-proofed communications options.
The C3 is factory configurable with a range of radio communications technologies, currently including:
– 3G and GSM back-haul via 3rd party carriers
– Short range 900MHz spread spectrum point-to-point radio
– Long range UHF point-to-point radio This allows for connection to the Observant Global cloud based solution in the most economical fashion. The C3 is GPS equipped allowing all data to be geo-coded.


Durability and security.
Remote operations often expose equipment to increased levels of vandalism and theft, the C3 attempts to reduce the frequency of these incidents through the lack of externally accessible fastenings and pad-lockable enclosure. Environmental durability is key to the C3 operating reliably, the robust, UV stable and weatherproof enclosure provides protection for the internal electronics and batteries.

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