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CUSP: Designing Into The Next Decade is a creative program which looks at the potential of design to impact the way people behave and engage with the world. Portable is pleased to have worked closely with Object, Australia’s leading centre for contemporary design and design culture in developing CUSP, bringing to life a beautifully functioning website to best showcase this new and creative program.

The CUSP website was built in WordPress, a user-friendly CMS, to allow Object to dynamically update their own content. The finished website communicates the exhibition in an accessible and visually interesting manner, making for great user experience.

Key Features


1. High quality UX through a user-friendly CMS (WordPress) to allow Object to update their own content.

2. The website serves as a ‘venue’ in its own right, providing audiences with unique and vital content separate to the exhibition. Each content page allows for an image gallery and video, and continually links to other aspects of the website.

3. Social media integration.

4. An easy-to-manage calendar for events with links for bookings, email database capturing.

5. Google Analytics installation for data analysis, and a blog for stories and updates.

Youtube / Vimeo

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