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Nüdel Kart is a deconstructable, mobile cart that can be reconfigured in endless ways to encourage self-directed learning. It uses specific loose parts to help children develop 21st Century skills such as collaboration, negotiation, communication, creativity and resilience. It is also designed specifically for ease-of-use for busy educators.

Key Features


The Nudel Kart naturally evokes high order learning skills for children 3-12 years. It does so intuitively, without direction. It can be used both for free play or to assist with delivering curriculum.
From trials and incursions run over the last 18 months, we know children can use the kart including pack up and pack down after only one use. They are also engaged for significant amounts of time. In some cases, we have seen children interacting with the kart for 3+ hours. Student and teacher feedback clearly shows Nudel Kart significantly improves learning and the school experience.


Tested globally from wealthy private schools to refugee camps, and backed by Cambridge, Harvard and University of Sydney research. Nüdel Kart wasn’t developed just for fun, it was designed with big goals in mind. We wanted all children to gain by giving them a tool that truly meets their deep evolutionary needs. It supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to address poverty, inequality and climate and environmental degradation, and promotes peace and justice. Nüdel Kart supports educational approaches that aim to develop skills increasingly in demand in our rapidly changing world in disciplines such as STEM and creativity.


There is nothing like a Nüdel Kart in this marketplace.
Unique CNC rapid manufacturing techniques, Custom “designed registered” connections, Customised child safe castor wheels
Portable and compact (less than 1.2m x 65cm x 80cm when packed up);
Robust and easy to maintain;
Made up of natural and non toxic materials;
Fun to pack up. It can be packed up in minutes by children as young as 4;
Welcoming to all genders, cultures, abilities ;
Appealing to a wide range of ages (3-12yrs);
Has almost infinite combinations
Devoid of screens and technology – children play unplugged


Nüdel Kart’s universal non-prescriptive design promotes deep, imaginative, child directed, play which promotes higher order thinking skills such as STEM. It is truly all inclusive for gender, ability and culture. Designed for use both indoors and outdoors, it engages up to 30, 3-12 years olds. It can be flat packed and shipped in small or very large volumes to any location including emergency and disaster situations. Low cost and easily maintainable, it is a simple, scalable way to quickly and easily implement a research backed, best practise play solution for children everywhere.


Deliberately, nothing in the cart looks familiar forcing the child to use their imagination for meaning. Nudel kart is a non-profit social-enterprise built for scale without compromising quality or environmental standards. Built on a Frugal methodology: The mobile kart IS the Play object and vice versa, reducing material to a minimum; Delivered flat packed for carbon efficient freight; from exactly 4 sheets of FSC certified plywood with no waste; no plastic packaging; Designed in conjunction with educators for easy use, quick pack-up and simple maintenance to maximise value and length of use. Independently assessed to international playground and toy standards.

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