NIKPOL Installation – designEX 2013


  • UNO Australia
  • Nikpol
  • Upfront Displays


A dynamic and engaging installation was created with super-sized \’cards\’, each card CNC cut from a single Nikpol ARC product panel. The cards can be shipped as flat panels in standard transport crates and can be used and reused in various configurations at future events. The giant House of Cards features Nikpol\’s new decors with graphics to tell the ARC story. To further engage the Architecture and Design audience a Miniature House of Cards design competition was run. Using a deck of cards in Nikpol Decors visitors were invited to create their own house of cards.

Key Features


Nikpol’s commitment to sustainability and an expansive range of FSC certified materials was the inspiration for our creative concept. In essence, we wanted to create an exhibition stand entirely from Nikpol ARC decorative surfaces and substrates. Furthermore we set ourselves the challenge to create the stand architecture from a minimum amount of materials and a minimum amount of waste. Our focus also turned to reducing installation and assembly time, and minimising transportation and shipping requirements – all of which have an impact on the environmental footprint of the event.

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