Nike + Nine


  • Campbell Davies - NIKE
  • Giuseppe Demaio & Wesley Old - LOCAL PEOPLES
  • Robert Stock & Stephen Van Elst - BOFFSWANA
  • Sarah Downie, Christy Peacock, Corinne Porter, Kirsty Reynolds, Rupert Pay and Andrew Shannon - US Sydney


The London Olympics Games was a global sporting focus in 2012, but, due to I.O.C. Rule 40 (Olympic Media Blackout) Nike was restricted from talking about the innovative products, technology and support they were providing to athletes all over the world during the games.

As a brand with a lot to say, Nike required a unique design solution.

Local Peoples designed and delivered Nike +Nine, a store that ran on London time (open at night, closed during the day) and featured a pinnacle retail fit-out, seamlessly combining physical and digital innovation with cutting edge interactive technology.

Key Features


The design and delivery of the physical retail experience transformed an empty shell into an interactive window display by day and a fully functional physical and digital retail space by night.

The design needed to allow for minimal impact to the existing building, but to visitors it was a premium retail environment, to the level for which Nike is known. A system of pipes, referencing the London tube map, served as wayfinding devices, for visitors to navigate the space and various product stories, and a lightweight sculptural wall piece, onto which projections were mapped, formed the main physical elements.


By day, when the store was closed, visitors could still engage with the space using the store window, which was transformed into a massive touchscreen, through touch foil and projectors. People could select different key Nike products, bringing up detailed information – right on the window.

The use of innovative technology reflected the innovation of the Nike product and ensured that even when the store was closed, visitors could still interact with the space and have a unique brand experience. This also helped to build excitement, anticipation and awareness for when the store opened.


The space was fully controllable by visitors both from the front window and then through digital signage when within the space.

Selecting different product lines illuminated the physical product areas within the space, and triggered content projected onto the window, with deeper brand stories being projection mapped on to the rear wall of the space.

This created a unique physical experience for visitors and a deep engagement with the Nike brand and key products, to learn about innovation and features, in an aspirational environment.


Working in a pop-up and temporary environment, all aspects of the design, technology and fit out needed to be economical, easy to install and remove. It also meant the communication of the design process needed to be spot on.

The retail results reflected the store innovation, with over 2000 visitors shared the experience over a 3 week period with an average sale of $208 (up 52% on the national average) and 12% conversion rate % (up 33% on the national sales average) – this was celebrated by Nike both at the local and global level and celebrated as a pinnacle retail execution for 2012.


The unique mix of disruptive store identity and cutting edge use of technology embodied Nike’s total dedication to innovation in sport, making a huge statement during the Olympics, without ever mentioning the games.

Nike were able to promote their associations to athletes and innovations in sport without breaking I.O.C. Rule 40, build huge levels of brand and product knowledge, awareness and engagement, all while creating a world first experience in doing so.

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