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Nexus Designs: 50 Years 50 Stories

Nexus Designs, a multi-disciplinary studio, was established by Janne Faulkner AM in 1967, as part of the seminal Merchant Builders Group.

In 2017, Nexus Designs celebrated its 50th anniversary and to mark the occasion, we embarked upon an ambitious and comprehensive digital communication plan that incorporated social media and web design to curate, integrate and articulate 50 stories spanning our past, present and future.

Key Features


At the heart of this project is the challenge of capturing 50 years of design excellence, whilst revealing how the legacy of the past continues to influence our practice today and into the future.

We are very proud of the part Nexus Designs has played in contributing to Australian design culture. The 50 Years 50 Stories project has enabled us to use current communication technology to re-imagine the design excellence of the past and to juxtapose this against recently completed, current and future projects to reveal how the founding principles of Nexus Designs continue to inspire design excellence.


Storytelling has always played a vital role in Australian culture, and has inspired the 50 Years 50 Stories ethos – to share our knowledge, expertise and stories in order to build a stronger and better informed design community, as well as the broader general public.

Our communication design approach for the 50 Years 50 Stories project has enabled us to demonstrate respect and reverence to designers, architects, artists and many other collaborators who have played a critical role in our practice and the projects we have undertaken.


Critical to the successful delivery of this communication design project was devising a curatorial strategy and visual treatment that gives equal representation to projects of the past, present and future.

To showcase our archival material in a manner that connects these eras, we developed a consistent visual language for coordinating content, along with a sensitive evolution to our original logo, resulting in an adaptive and transformative marque that celebrates the past, present and future.


Knowledge sharing is the fundamental driver of our communication design approach for the 50 Years 50 Stories project. Whilst knowledge sharing is not a design innovation in and of itself, we believe that through our close investigation and celebration of the designers, associates, collaborators and their design principles and philosophies over our 50 year history, we have built a repository of design knowledge, freely available on, that will benefit the Australian design community and any users of the site.


Key features of the 50 Years 50 Stories project include:
– Design curation and knowledge sharing
– Design investigation
– Communication and media planning
– Contribution to Australian design culture

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