New Masculinity – Mens AW 2018


  • Whitehouse Institute of Design


‘New Masculinity’ explores the idea of what it means to be masculine through a three body menswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2018.

Drawing inspiration from the new romantics and romanticism and alternative rock band

The 1975; this collection touches the sensitivities of the human experience and the vulnerabilities that men seldom express, as result of social stigmas surrounding emotional expression which are still prevalent in today’s society.

The collection identifies chaos, emotional exhaustion and the tension of suppressing emotion through contrasting silhouette with texture and print.

Key Features


The garments within this collection are both aesthetically appealing and functional for the Autumn/Winter season.

One design feature is the fabrication used. Everything in this collection has come from natural resources. Across the nine garments combinations of wools, silks and cottons fabrics are used.

By using only natural fabrications the impact of chemical waste on the environment has been reduced and the longevity of the garments increase.

Another feature of this collection is the print design and embroidery; the original designs have been applied as they visually express the concept of New Masculinity.

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