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NEW AGAIN by Petrina Turner Design is a collection of four handtufted rugs referencing family memories. Born of Petrina’s strong family ties, a long-held fascination with traditional crafts, and an interest in interpreting these into the modern world the collection blends historical reference with contemporary style, and bold colour palettes and textures. Petrina began her career over 20 years ago at Designer Rugs. Moving on to grow her interiors business Petrina left with an invaluable wealth of experience, allowing her to push production boundaries with this collection to create a range for them which appeals to a broad client base.

Key Features


The combination of design and manufacturing techniques for the New Again rug collection by Petrina Turner Design enhance the aesthetics and quality of the range. Personal yet universal stories, care taken to interpret them in a contemporary way, materials selection and production techniques make unique design features possible and allow for a product that crosses seamlessly from residential to commercial application. All of this combines to create a collection of beautiful rugs that has both a feeling of the personal and is simultaneously suitable for Designer Rugs commercial market.


Having started her career in the design and production team at Designer Rugs, Petrina was able to push the boundaries of the manufacturing process, while understanding the restrictions of the hand-made process enabling design features that are unique to the collection. Scalloped edges on the Evelyn design, cut-outs within the High Tea rug and varying pile heights in Purls of Wisdom allow for interesting visual interest and texture, as well as enhancing the tactile nature of the collection. This sets new standards in the possibilities of future collections.


With Petrina’s extensive knowledge and experience as an interior designer and maker, colour and texture form a large part of the design aesthetic for the New Again collection. Inspired by her grandmother Evelyn’s intricately crocheted doilies, Petrina wanted to give new life to her handwork and bring it into the current day. While staying true to the patterns she made, Petrina was interested in slightly simplifying the design so that the rug could have a strong textural element, incorporating multiple pile heights to highlight various elements of the design.


The collection is manufactured in the highest quality New Zealand wool, some with bamboo highlights, making it beautifully luxurious in a residential setting and extremely hard-wearing in commercial applications. A focus of the collection was in the subtlety that could be created in using bamboo yarn in the designs to help accentuate the layers of the pattern created in Evelyn, and subtle highlights and light play in the stylised florals of the Mavis design.


The NEW AGAIN rug collection by Petrina Turner Design carries itself across both residential and commercial interiors through it’s aesthetic and functional characteristics. The themes of storytelling are universal and at this moment in history resonate as they unite us for our differences, and our similarities. Combined with the ability to customise the designs to any size, shape or colour to suit your own space the stories then become that of the end user also, making the client base and the possibilities endless.

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