Neva Fade Collection


  • Tsar Carpets


Neva Fade is a new addition to TSAR Carpet’s collection family. The raised cut pile rows gradate seamlessly from both dark to light and 100% NZ Wool to 100% Silk, creating a mesmerizing landscaped ambiance. The bold colored stipple of the 100% NZ Wool loop pile flanking each raised cut pile row, contemporizes this design to suit the design savvy abode. Sophisticated, moody, shimmering and beautiful, Neva Fade can be custom sized and color specified to suit a wide range of interior spaces.

Key Features


1. Economical (fraction of price of normal custom made artistic carpet as it is structurally easy to make, yet the colour gradation formula is highly sophisticated)
2. Sustainable (fibres included Bamboo Silk and New NZ Wool)
3. Easily customizable (any colour and size and density, making it adaptable and personalised per space requirements)
4. Can be made into a rug or custom fit carpet (zero waste, carpet is made to exact site measure, without the need for seams. This makes for much longer lasting carpet)
5. Totally new gradation technique offering a unique aesthetic for interiors that is both sophisticated and long lasting

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