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COVID-19 has changed the world forever, with no one sure what the future will look like. Currently, workers are manually measuring temperatures at entries and disinfecting surfaces, putting them at risk. Our challenge was to design and develop an automated and reliable system to streamline this process.

NeoGuard utilises leading-edge technology to interact, facially recognise, temperature detect, sanitise, clean and control access to reassure customers, visitors and staff of a safe environment. This kiosk solution is designed in a modular manner so it can be utilised by a range of industries including retail, hospitality, events, healthcare, commercial buildings and transportation.

Key Features


NeoGuard offers a functional, safe and high-quality solution to organisations and businesses that require in-person interactions with patients or clients. The clean, modern self-standing kiosk detects user temperature to flag potential fever conditions before allowing admittance – sending an alert to staff members, or verifying existing users and giving them access to the venue. The kiosk then uses UV-C disinfection technology to constantly clean the screen and touch surfaces between kiosk use.

Inform customers or patients of entry requirements
Flag medical suitability for venue access
Clean kiosk screens to high standard between use
Verify permission to access the venue


NeoGuard provides an additional level of health screening and sanitation to organisations and businesses operating in-person — offering protection for staff members and patrons/clients alike, and allowing return-to-work with less health risk.

The UV-C self-cleaning feature negates the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals and reduces the need to launder soiled cleaning cloths.

NeoGuard is currently being utilised by Essendon Football Club with touchless sign in and out of players allowing them to get back to training quicker.


One of NeoGuard’s greatest strengths is its modular nature so a premises can seamlessly pick and choose the features it requires. These features can create a unique unit which provides the building, its staff and guests with the level of assurance they require.

COVID-19 has forced rapid innovation so NeoGuard allows future additions that can combat problems that don’t even exist today. The kiosk gives Victorians the confidence that a premises is taking a proactive approach to the issues facing our State and helping businesses transition to this new post-COVID norm.


NeoGuard was developed with integrated innovation in mind to address a very contemporary need — safety in workplaces and businesses during the COVID-19 era:

Design and manufacturing all took place in lockdown. The design process and internal research and development were conducted virtually. Manufacturing utilises an assembly line allowing for social distancing.

Integrating health screening metrics (temperature) with visitor admittance software to highlight potential health indicators of fever, and can improve safety and reduce the potential spread of the virus.

Automated user screening and subsequent built-in UV-C disinfection of kiosks ensure surfaces are kept sanitised without needing full-time cleaning staff.


Modular design allows to pick and choose features including:

Multichannel Notification Systems – Alert system can utilise text, email or phone calls to notify staff of arrivals or abnormal temperature readings.

Motion Sensing Ultraviolet – Cleaning (UV-C) – Screen is continuously disinfected with ultraviolet light. If the screen detects someone approaching the cleaning is paused while in use.

Facial Recognition – Utilises NEC’s world-leading NeoFace software, allows for touchless pre-registration and return visitors.

Customisable Exterior – On-screen avatar, background and vinyl wrap can be customised for branding or to match the decor.

Label Printer – Ability to print labels/tickets to grant access to facilities.

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