• Gillian Hillman Design


This reinvention of the silver necklace, comprising numerous textured rolls of sterling silver, is striking to see from a distance, but has great impact on closer inspection. Every surface is curved and reflects light whilst the imprinted surface design, breaks up that light, giving a vibrant visual impact. The finish is low sheen. Essentially simple, it is an elegant & useful piece of jewellery that transforms an outfit from the ordinary to eye-catching. If you only take one piece of jewellery on your vacation then this is the perfect piece of travel jewellery.

Key Features


-Simple design- It comprises numerous polished silver wraps each individually textured and strung together. Its lack of colour renders it highly adaptable to many outfits.


-Adjustable length-enhanced options to wear with various outfits..


-Weight – It looks substantial but its relative light weight means it is easily transportable in hand luggage and won’t trigger metal detectors at airports.


-Unique design- opportunity to wear a handmade piece that is original & eye catching knowing that no one else will be wearing the identical piece.


-Wearability- designed to be comfortable to wear day or evening. Safely secured with a strong silver clasp.

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