Nebulae Chandelier Collection


  • Ross Gardam


The Nebulae Collection is inspired by the diffusion of both natural and LED light. It takes its name from the natural phenomena of interstellar clouds and their dynamic layered lighting effects. The geometric machined forms coupled with the fluid glass discs create balance between the each of the elements.

Key Features


Although the Nebulae is certainly using a similar language to Ross Gardam’s previous collections, the final light output emitted has a very unique quality. The Fluted glass of the Nebulae, even when not in use, has a beautiful motion to the glass elements, as they diffuse natural refractions with each other and the environment around them.


Nebulae’s exploration of diffused light was a natural progression from my recent lighting collection, the Ora and Polar, which explore light reflection and shade. All our briefs are self-initiated and for the Nebulae we wanted to create a large format chandelier which allowed for modular connection to fill space.


The Nebulae defines a new, functional and original form in decorative lighting. Each of the glass finishes selected within the collection embodies unique textures, whether ripples, bubbles, incandescent or geometric patterns. The inclusion of light combined with the layering of the glass finishes represents a highly original exploration of diffusion. Each of the new products in the collection has an exceptional quality, detailed refinement and precision giving them a signature style.

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