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The Versashelter is a convertible awning structure, for use in the 4WD camping sector. With one item, it can replace the normal awning/tent/tarp/shelter/gazebo with which purchasers usually support camping activities. We thoroughly believe in the design ethos of ‘achieve more with less’. Especially when applied to the harsh Australian wilderness environment. Many critical endeavours are hamstrung by reliance on too much and too complex equipment, instead of simple, robust, multi-role gear choices.

Key Features


The design makes use of existing materials in the marketplace (Cordura) but applies it in a manner not previously utilised. We use the natural properties of Cordura (strength and resistance to stretching) under tension to help form the structure. The use of this material also reduces the unit price, ensures availability and continued ability to manufacture the Versashelter in Australia. Good design must be accessible.
A key aspect of the design is that it is intuitive. On inspection new users can clearly see the way it can be used, rather than having to interpret instructions to understand the design.


The camping and 4WD customer sector is changing. Australians who have never identified themselves as overland travelers, will holiday with family by accessing our incredible country in light of international travel restrictions and dangers. Those people are looking for better, more completely designed alternatives to support their endeavours.
The Versashelter appeals to those customers who value design, versatility and strength.


As a piece of camping equipment, the Versashelter is simple. A trapezoidal shape with hard-points on the edges and a number of hole fiuxtures through the interior of the fabric. Once users being to set it up, and fold, form and tension it into its many guises, they see the relationship between geometry and proportion. They intuitively know how to use it to best effect for their particular purposes. Observably, it is nearly always set up in a different configuration, by users.


The Versashelter, as purchased, can be configured in a great multitude of ways. It can be used as a vehicle mounted awing (in numerous configurations), free-standing shelter, tent, tarpaulin structure, wind break or gazebo.
Users can shape the structure to suit their administrative requirements, to make allowances for available space, evenness or otherwise of land, weather and sun effects, and other equipment available.
Versashelter’s straps require zero knot-tying. They attach at any provided hardpoint on the shelter perimeter and adjust one handed, at head height, so there’s no bending while tensioning (an action that frequently causes injury).


While the Vershelter was designed and will continue to be manufactured in Victoria, it was made to make use of other Australian manufactured accessories, already on the market (poles and pegs). This leads to energy, cost and time savings, reduces duplication and assists to achieve an interdependence and internal reliance on Australian businesses and support for Australian business structures.

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