Narvis Floor Light


  • Tom Hewitt


Originally designed as a painting light. Narvis answers the question of high quality light output in the form of a sculptural piece. Paying homage to ancient boat building techniques through steam bending, planing and finishing, a single length of timber utilises the strength of the grain running concentric with its shape,. Full dimming capabilities are available at a touch via the subtle brass button on its spine, making Narvis as technical as it is elegant.

Key Features


– A maximum light output of 3750lm at 90 CRI creating a very high amount of quality light, perfect for applications such as painting or task lighting where accurate colour representation is important.
– Dimmable from 10-100% via conductive touch, friendly user interface of ability at eye level.
– Seamless, solid American walnut. Saving waste by steam bending rather than being cut, but also giving a stronger final form.
– versatility of a pendant as well a floor version, different colour temperatures available for different applications.

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