NAB Notebook


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With a new brand promise and position in the market, NAB’s focus was on engaging their people and educating them – so they could continue to champion the NAB brand every day.

Our brief was to create a NAB branded notebook that employees could use as a reminder of the brand strategy and identity tools.

Beyond its basic functionality as a notebook, it needed to showcase how the NAB brand had evolved into a braver, more energetic and more customer-focused identity.
It also had to act as a reference guide – helping their people successfully implement on-brand communications.

Key Features


The NAB notebook presented an opportunity to keep the brand top of mind, acting as a physical reference point for the brand and marketing team.

We needed to communicate the braver photography style, our more impactful typefaces, and tone of voice.

The notebook needed to give people a clear understanding of what the brand positioning meant, how it translated into the brand toolkit, and why it was important for our customers and the business.

Above all, we needed to find a way to showcase our identity in a way that reflected the customer-centric brand and business model.

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