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Funded by The University of Melbourne through its SSAF scheme (Student Services and Amenities Fee Grant), the MySafety web app is an interactive tool designed to provide support and empower students that have been involved in unhealthy relationships and sexual assault.

MySafety provides tailored access to information and helpful services on and off campus, allowing students (or anyone that accesses the app) to make positive change in their current situation, or to help others.

The apps aim is to provide an invaluable service, and be a go-to resource for students who need support with sexual or dating violence.

Key Features


The application is specifically designed for students to be able to easily find information to support themselves, or others.

It achieves this through people being able to follow a personalised path and then encouraged to act through the information and stories provided relating directly to themselves.

The app provides an engaging and interactive experience purposely designed to appeal and connect with the student population. A key mechanism implemented to achieve this was the commissioning of custom illustrations for use within the application. This imagery also focuses on inclusivity as well to ensure a strong relationship with the full student community.


The project has the potential to make significant positive social impact through providing an essential service for students (and any member of the public) experiencing unhealthy relationships or sexual assault.

Services such as this have become even more important due to the impact COVID-19 has had on society, especially with lockdown restrictions meaning many people experiencing unhealthy relationships or sexual assault have unfortunately been forced to isolate with the people responsible for these issues.

As the application is free, web based, and instantly accessible without requiring any login, it is easily accessible for all students to quickly and easily use.


Due to the vital assistance the application provides to The University of Melbourne\’s students and the wider community, we feel it positively raises the reputation and status of good, socially conscious design in Victoria.

Great design helps people and builds a better society. Through providing support and empowering people that have been involved in unhealthy relationships and sexual assault, this application delivers on this objective.


As every user has a unique experience with sexual or dating violence, to ensure users find the most relevant content to their scenario, the application was designed so users can answer questions and engage with content that updates in alignment to the answers they give relating to their personal situation; hence it provides unique user journeys.

To provide additional safety, the application also has a “Quick Exit” button specifically designed to allow users to instantly leave the site at a moment\’s notice should they need to quickly hide their use of it. As well as shutting down the MySafety site, this function also instantly loads the ‘’ website (to make it look like the user was viewing that site), plus deletes browsing history use of MySafety.


Fast Site Speed:

Fast loading websites are essential for user experience, with research showing that slow loading sites result in far less user engagement.

Websites that take more than 3 seconds to load have a 53% bounce rate. Additionally, research shows that a 12% drop in conversion rate occurs for every additional second a website takes to load.

The reality for MySafety is that many people accessing it unfortunately have to do so in secret without others knowing. Hence speed isn\’t an advantage, it\’s essential.

MySafety is blistering fast, recording 95 out of 100 in Google\’s Page Speed tool, all whilst being visually rich and engaging.

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