Myrdal Homewares Packaging


  • Jaclyn Corallo


Student concept project for an Icelandic brand named “mýrdal”.

Mýrdal is a completely conceptual homewares brand from southern Iceland’s rural village of Vík í Mýrdal, that specialises in teapots made from Volcanic Rock.

I have created a booklet, packaging and a swing tag for this project, which are all inspired by the brands origins and Icelands mythology and landscape.

When designing the packaging and overall brand identity, I focused on dark green and light grey hues, to represent the mossy Icelandic mountain range. I paired these with splashes of pink and b/w imagery, to add a modern touch.

Key Features


The packaging i have created is completely functional, whilst still celebrating the luxury experience for customers expect from high end products.

The colour scheme i have used has an aesthetic appeal to customers, and is directly connected to the backstory of the brand which customers can connect with.

The packaging uses as many sustainable materials and methods as possible. The paper used was ethically sourced, and is 100% recyclable.

The packaging is also completely glue free, therefore making it easier to recycle.

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