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My Virtual Event is an online virtual event platform designed and developed by Big & Small Productions to allow organisations to host online virtual meetings, information sessions and events. The platform was created during the COVID-19 pandemic as a response to existing clients cancelling events. By combining isometric illustration with search and navigation tools, as well as downloadable ‘showbags’ it’s more than a mini-website as the experience of a ‘real event’ is captured. The platform integrates with live video meeting tools such as Zoom and chat software to create an engaging online experience for ‘visitors’ to the event.

Key Features


The aim of the design for our client \’Collarts\’ was to achieve excellence, ensuring that their online \’Open Day\’ was representative of them as an organisation, indicative of the courses they offer to students and engaging for their prospective students. The design of their building in the platform used isometric design, allowing us to carefully match the building exterior of their Wellington Campus. For each \’Course\’ represented by an exhibit we carefully examined existing imagery of their studios and matched course offerings in isometric design. The excellence in the design is finding the correct balance between reality and maximum engagement.


The challenge of the design requirements for the project was to create something that is visually dynamic, works well as a navigational platform for information and is engaging for the end user – media savvy prospective students. The design impact can be measured when comparing Collart’s previous online open day – a simple mini-site; registration to attendance conversion rate improved by 184% and the Bounce Rate was down by 66% compared to the previous Online Open Day. Feedback included: \”I thought it was fantastic – easy to navigate and engaging.\” \”Quite engaging experience. Huge improvement from the last event.\”


The My Virtual Event platform as designed and implemented for the Collarts Open Day shaped a new experience and environment for prospective students to participate virtually. The design allowed for strong storytelling elements, facilitating a shift in ‘real’ in-person experience to online – a transformation that was necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that design for the Collarts Open Day will create a future need and transformation through design from in-person experiences to online virtual experiences.


The primary innovation in the My Virtual Event platform and for the Collarts Open Day is the use of isometric design to create the feel, emotion and experience of a real online event. Additional touches were implemented such as a welcome page featuring an ‘Open Day Access Pass’ as well as a ‘tour guide’ avatar featured at the bottom right to give the feeling of a ‘guide’ offering a tour through the event. Post COVID-19 events will be forever changed and the innovation here is using 2D and isometric design to maintain the connection with real-life events.

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