Musica Collection




With dual utility and bold aesthetics, this sophisticated and functional pendant lighting collection promises more than meets the eye. The Acustico Lighting \’Musica\’ Collection is the first of its kind, test results reveal it absorbs 30% of sound. It promises an improved visual, lighting and acoustic experience to any space.

Key Features


The development of Acustico Lighting’s Musica Collection was in direct response to Founder, Samantha McKenzie, seeking to solve a problem for a client’s noisy boardroom.

The Collection offers a decorative element whilst functioning as a tool for noise mitigation. The range has been tested by Building for Impact Director, PhD Prachi Garnawat. Reporting shows that Acustico Lighting pendants can absorb up to 30% of unwanted noise in the mid-frequency range.

This results in more appealing, calmer and healthier environments.
Like all good design, Acustico Lighting’s Musica Collection is elegant to the eye and features sophisticated functionality.


Acustico Lighting’s Musica Collection can potentially increase productivity in collaborative spaces by helping reduce noise. It improves the work environment with enhanced lighting and aesthetics which aids businesses with recruitment and staff retention.

The business is also proud to support jobs for Australian designers and manufacturers.

Acustico Lighting insists on the cleanest and greenest materials. It puts the planet first by selecting GECA and FSC certified product materials for their noise absorbency, zero emissions and low VOC properties.

Using LED ensures longevity and minimisation of energy consumption. The business does not mass manufacture and does everything to minimise wastage.


Human-centred design is the foundation of this collection.
Testing results reveal the Collection reduces up to 30% of mid-frequency noise in the surrounding environment making it the most effective acoustic solution currently available.

The minimal fixing points and intuitive use of gravity has been well-thought through. It is simple to install, and good for the environment which results in an no-fuss user experience.


It appears that open-cell foam material has never before been used in a lighting application.

Independent testing confirms that this is the most sound-absorbent lighting product on the market and we believe it is also more attractive than alternate pendant lighting.

Responses from architects and designers to the Acustico Lighting range reinforce the innovative appeal of the collection.


The Musica Collection is Melbourne made by local artisans which ensures superior quality.

The collection is available in four different profiles and colour is fully customisable to suit any design scheme.

All materials are selected for their quality and sustainability and produce zero emissions.

The Musica Collection ensures sound waves are both absorbed in the open-cell foam materiality and diffused by the external profile.
The beauty of the design is in part due to its minimal 3 fixings and 2 strips of glue whereby gravity holds all other materials in place.

The light source itself is concealed using minimal surface area
allowing for an open design which not only looks striking but facilitates maximum sound absorption from both inside and outside the product.

The suspended nature of the product brings it closer to the source of noise than other absorption methods, allowing sound to be absorbed before bouncing around surfaces in the room.

Additionally, Acustico Lighting recognises social impact is critical to good business.

It is embarking on the journey of B corporation accreditation and intends to donate 10% of profit to social impact initiatives.

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