Music Towers


  • Harwyn


Harwyn Music Towers came about as a result of a request to deliver an extension to a school that would appear contemporary yet feel as thought it had always existed and truly belonged.

Key Features


In urban areas, space is at a premium. A music room for tutorial purposes needs to work on a tight footprint and conducive to creative thought. The school needed 4 music rooms on 20m2 of land. In order to achieve this result on the minimum footprint, a location was identified where double story pods could be integrated into an existing building. By taking this design path 4 x 10m2 pods were delivered on 20m2 parcel of land. No loss of square floor space was required for stairs to access the upper levels.


The addition of the music pods gives the students a place that is dedicated to music and conducive to good learning. With a space designed specifically for creative thought, the students have a place to look forward to coming to.


The music towers and now form part of the school and have a sense that they have always been there. Students now enjoy up to 160 hours of music lessons a week in the pods.


Its obvious now that the correct approach to maximise floorspace on a tight footprint was to go up and integrate into the existing corridors access to the upper units. And that is what we look for, the obvious. Built offsite in a factory, the entire project was delivered in a day without a single millimetre to spare in any direction. The result was achieved owing to an incredible team of engineers, architects, product designers and a team of dedicated manufacturers.


The music pods are designed for the maximum enjoyment of the end user. From the moment they see the pods, there is a desire to enter. Once inside, the warmth of the Birch Ply cladding detailed carefully with shadow lines, the quality carpets to feel just right under foot, the placement of glass allows for natural light to penetrate in all directions but not causing distraction to the task at hand.

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