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Made up of rubber and timber components, Mr. Dowel Jones is a simple flat-pack lamp (desk lamp and floor lamp – desk lamp weighs 900grams). All timber components slot fit into the rubber components (no fixings) and it takes minutes to assemble. Mr. Dowel Jones\’s tripod legs allow for a greater amount of free space amongst a desk-top.

A simplicity in componentry also allows for the light to take on an infinite amount of configurations, not only making it a singular product, but a system for creating structures.

All rubber componentry is manufactured in Thomastown, Melbourne through Abar Rubber.

Key Features


Manufactured locally within Melbourne:
We worked closely with the rubber manufacturer to not only ensure the quality of the product, but the commercial viability economically and sustainably. Previously the manufacturer had acted only as a service to other industries, producing products to facilitate their businesses. Mr. Dowel is produced as Abar Rubbers first product designed.


The product was designed to be made up of singular components. Reducing the product into these components allow it to reduce size considerably. Because of it\’s reduction in size, it allows the product to be transported efficiently across Australia, and also exported across the world (packing size: 120x120x700mm).


Not only was Mr. Dowel Jones designed to be a desk and floor light, but because of it\’s componentry being broken up, a system for producing structures was created. Through the rubber and timber parts, an infinite amount of configurations are possible.

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