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Everyday, millions of office workers globally sit for 11+ hours a day, making us sedentary, which has been medically proven to increase several health risks. Moving more during our workday can lead to significant positive health benefits.

After years of research and user testing, MOVI was designed to be the most seamless, convenient and functional standing desk available, that makes movement easy, so that standing and moving become a natural part of your workday.

The MOVI Standing Desk (MOVI) is electric, aesthetic, smart and eco-friendly. Place MOVI onto your existing desk to convert it into an electric height adjustable desk.

Key Features


From extensive user testing and consultation with health and occupational professionals, we identified 4 key issues with available standing desk products.

Unlike others, MOVI addresses these issues:
– Ergonomic: offering 24 height settings (1.5cm increments) suiting users from 5″ to 6’4″.
– Electric: In-built high-speed electric motor lifts 20kgs with one touch, no back strain from a manual lift.
– Spacious: a flat, large and unrestrictive workspace (no keyboard trays or levels) suiting a variety of different work types (i.e. dual-monitors, A0 large plans, CAD sketch pad).
– Smart: Integrated digital move reminder, 2x USB charging ports and power-save.


The industry focus on standing desk products are on complete floor standing desks that replace an existing desk. However this is very inconvenient and not cost effective for established offices.

MOVI delivers a retro-fit solution that allows businesses to convert existing desks, without replacing furniture, allowing for a faster transition to a height-adjustable workspace. This is an optimal and quick solution for businesses who offer standing desks for staff with medical reasons, without having to bear the burden of refitting their existing furniture.

Feedback from over 1000 users at 6 exhibitions aided us to optimise the usability of MOVI.


Every retro-fit standing desk product available uses a manual lift system, which is problematic for many users. Additionally, many products don’t cater for users above a height of 5’ 10”.

We wanted to be inclusive of all user types and consider all factors that may impact the ability to adjust a manual sit-stand desk, such as user height, strength, OHS, injuries. This validated our need for an electric lifting mechanism. Providing the user with a digital height display and control to set their exact standing height, allows for maximum ease of operability, as well as the best possible ergonomics.


Our inspiration is to make workplaces more vibrant, lively and enjoyable.

We focused on user-centred design rather than cost so that MOVI would offer a solution that enables maximum productivity without compromise.

Slim-line construction – our patented lifting system is completely flat, allowing for our mechanism to be concealed within a slim bench top of 40mm, and adjusts all way to 440mm.

Bamboo materials – we selected to use bamboo for its sustainable and durable qualities and to create a connection with nature. We are using design techniques inspired by minimalist Scandinavian home furniture pieces.


MOVI comes fully assembled straight out of the box. Simply place it on your existing desk, plug it in and get standing.

MOVI can lift 20kgs and is backed by a 5 year warranty. We have tested the reliability by running a continuous 12,000 cycle testing period.

All glues and coatings used on the bamboo benchtop are water-based, eco-friendly and low in VOC.

No materials from International Living Future Institute Red List are being used in the product and we are beginning the process to become a Declare registered product.

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