Motorola Halo


  • Binatone Electronics International Limited


Motorola Halo is a multi-function nursery device. Acting as an eye, it provides parents with a peace of mind by monitoring sound, motion and temperature in the nursery.

It ensures that users stay alert by providing real-time updates on all that is happening in the nursery.

Merging smart monitoring with an entertainment system, the Halo provides the total solution for parents that want to keep an eye on their baby, whether asleep or awake.

Key Features


The Halo is smartly designed and equipped with a HD camera to capture even the slightest changes in the environment such as motion, sound and temperature. It also collects data to provide sleep analytics to concerned parents. Doubling as an entertainment hub for babies with a built-in projector, parents can download lullabies and audiobooks to keep babies fully entertained, freeing them to focus on other business.

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