Monsters on the Internet


  • Anar Baasanbat


The Monsters on the Internet is a campaign that promotes public awareness of online child abuse. It aims to motivate parents to communicate with their children about how to stay safe on social media platforms with the effective use of communication design strategy.

Key Features


I believe the design outcome of this project can be implemented in many countries as it doesn’t have any cultural or political restrictions.

The campaign\’s brand identity is not influenced by any design trend. Therefore, it will provide long-lasting design quality that will keep the brand unique and attractive. The campaign design aims to remain its signature modern and young style as it must appeal to both parents (guardians) and children.


As I aspire to bring social justice in both genders by enhancing women\’s empowerment, I started my topic as sexual harassment.

I have analysed possible ways to make a progressive impact on this topic by choosing different age groups. During this process, it led me to understand that most kids aren\’t aware of whether they are bullying someone or being bullied. From this, I decided to design a campaign that focuses on educating kids about what is abuse and how to stay safe from it. This would protect children to become victims as well as to prevent future sexual abusers.


The campaign design focused on social sustainability through its positive, colourful and fun branding tone of voice. It avoids-campaigning confronting and scary concepts to the target audience which might result in social shock and depression. Furthermore, having a warm design tone helps the campaign to convey important messages, such as cyberbullying, emotional abuse, grooming, sexting, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation. The campaign design aims to create trust between its audience as the topic is sensitive and private.


The campaign emphasizes the most harmful yet popular social media platforms through its mascots. This would help the audience be aware of which media they/their kids should be careful with to stay from online abuse.

The proposed game app would include the mascot monsters as separate levels so that parents and children can have more in-depth information about protecting themselves in those particular platforms.

In the proposal, three mascots have made to mimic Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Mascots could potentially be removed or added as stats change in the future.


Since those who are at risk of online abuse are people who own any digital devices, the campaign is designed for smartphones or tablets. Considering this era of technology-based virtual world, applying the campaign to the digital media system was essential. As the campaign mainly targets new social media users or /and young people, offering a mobile app can meet their technological literacy.

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