Mongrel Rapture – The Architecture of Ashton Raggatt McDougall


  • Stuart Geddes
  • ARM Architecture
  • Uro Publications


Mongrel Rapture is a monograph on the work of ARM Architecture. In just over sixteen hundred pages, the book chronicles and examines 30-odd-years of work from this critically, culturally and commercially significant architecture practice through archival and new material. The book was designed over three years, in close collaboration with ARM, and, like much of their architecture, attempts to do as much as it can and carry as much meaning as can it can fit.

Key Features


Mongrel Rapture is many kinds of book at once—hymnal, illuminated manuscript, index, novel, journal, monograph, zine, pamphlet. The form of the book owes much to the work it’s in the act of capturing: the diverse, obsessive, relentless and involved work of ARM. But like the prevalence of construction photos in this book (about architecture) much of its design is also about its own book-ness: the requirements of a sixteen-hundred-and-sixteen page book, the physicality of such a thing, the particular colour and thin-ness of the paper, the single thumb index, the rounded spine, its drape when open in your hands.

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