Monash University Logan Hall


  • McBride Charles Ryan


Logan Hall is a 6 level 250 student accommodation building at Monash University Clayton Campus. It incorporates open plan individual living units with kitchen, bedroom, ensuite, and study areas. In addition there are communal areas for around 25 students which have been designed to increase communication and exchanges.

Logan Hall has common facilities in the corner where the two wings meet, on each level. These include double height common and games rooms which are places of increased activity where students meet, study and socialize while enjoying views to the Dandenongs and beyond. The building achieved 5 Star Green Star.

Key Features


The building is positioned to maximise its northern frontage. The building and colonnade is stepped in the form of an arc and defines a landscaped fore-ground to the building that sits alongside the newly developed Sports Walk. The arc form has the benefit internally of avoiding long gun barrel corridors and opening up to views.

The ground floor is occupied by a mix of retail tenants and bicycle storage with back of house and servicing from the rear of the L-shaped footprint. The residents’ garden and BBQ facilities are located in a landscaped courtyard to the south of the building.


The finishes of the facade of Logan include materials for long-term durability. The perimeter of the new buildings is primarily comprised of a maintenance free glazed brick face outer shell. The internal space is structured to allow long term flexibility and adaptability.

The passive design elements used in the design of the building help to minimise energy use requirements through the use of fixed-shading on windows, which controls overheating, daylight and views. The precast concrete cladding is sized to optimise glazing requirements and is insulated to minimise heat loss. The facade finishes feature integral materials for long-term durability and robustness.


To the north and east the building has a generous colonnade which aligns with the natural pedestrian desire lines of the campus. The colonnade provides a sheltered space between the cafes and the northern landscaped forecourt. To the east, the split masses of Logan acts to reinforce the civic quality of Scenic Boulevard. To the north, the modularity of the student units has been utilized to provide an unlikely and expressive form the recalls the distinct modernist origins of the Monash Clayton Campus.


While three of the facades represent an adherence to a rectangular street pattern and a traditional urbanism, to the north, the modularity of the student units has been exploited to provide an unlikely and expressive form that recalls the distinct modernist formalism so evident in this Campus. This formal act also enlivens the interior corridors of the building, improving the public space and relieving monotony throughout. The stepped motif is echoed throughout the building and utilized to provide rich colour and material expression throughout the public spaces of the building.

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