Monarch Fill Sand Go


  • Australian Brushware Corporation Lty Ltd


Through innovative design and creation, Monarch have developed a true solution for your everyday filling needs. Monarch Mini Fill Sand Go, has been designed with convenience in mind – comes equipped with multi-purpose filler, an applicator and a unique sanding puck for fine cracks and small holes.

Key Features


For the first time we have bought design excellence to a product and category that has been stagnant for a long time. People often dread having to fill holes and cracks in their walls and ceilings or furniture pieces, but now we’ve made the process easier and quicker for all. Designing a product that offers a solution to a problem.


Our new Monarch Fill Sand Go has made any filling job easier and quicker to complete. You literally Fill, Sand and Go! Consumers are loving the fact they can buy one product instead of 3 products all for a small price of $9.95 – great value and perfect for all homes.


We have taken the traditional Ready To Use (RTU) filler container you see in the market (either rectangle or round in shape) and created a new design which has been patented and design registered that incorporates 3 products in 1. A round container housing the filler and a lid which incorporates a sanding puck and a scraper. Being neat and compact means the use of less plastic compared to other products and reducing wastage as you can reuse all the components time after time.


Our innovative designed filler is first of its kind. No other ready to use filler in the market comes equipped with all the accessories you need to complete the job. Our unique packaging design provides a 3 in 1 solution and the unique sanding puck design offers ergonomics when used in your hand.


Fill Sand Go is lightweight and all components can be reused. The sanding pad incorporated is clog free meaning once you’ve sanded all you need to do is tap out the plaster dust and/or wash out and you can reuse it over and over again.

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