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ModUrn is the world’s first “Smart Urn” designed to store, share and celebrate life story’s and legacy. ModUrns innovation combines & stores our mortal remains and digital legacy today and for future generations. By combining design and integrated technology each of our products is fitted with a Bluetooth proximity beacon which connects to the ModUrn APP and secure individual life story. The App can capture and detail your life’s journey, experiences, passions and interests, photo’s and videos. The App records your health journey, documents and creates a central place to view and collaborate; thus forming a supportive and connected community.

Key Features


ModUrn has collaborated with an all-star Australian team to create a thoughtful and secure experience for individuals and families whom are in need. We aspired to create a product that not only looks amazing, is smart and contemporary, is customisable to represent the uniqueness of every individual and has the capacity to partner with its custodian to reflect and celebrate a life by acting as the tool to connect and support family and friends during a difficult time. Patents registered:
European Registered Design No.0052632660001
USA ApplicationNo.29/647279
Australian Patent: 2018100674


ModUrn has the potential to change the way people and families prepare for the inevitable, leave their legacy and to honour and memorialise their loved ones and family history.
Beneficial Pre need / planning opportunities for families
Ability to become the most modern and interactive digital Guest book at Funeral, wake or live wake by capturing sentiment in real time
Creating a Supportive network and place to grieve, heal and reminisce
Assist in healing by memorialising and honouring
Documenting a life’s achievements, hardships, lessons learnt, and wisdom shared. A health journey record for future generations
Stores media and pdf’s.


Designed with today’s lifestyle in mind. ModUrn has interchangeable colours that features creative lines, modern aesthetic with symmetrical elements that are durable and stylish. The Urn can be placed on more than one of four bases, creating two unique overall aesthetics being a pentagon and floating cube.
ModUrn offers flexibility for presentation of the individual user as well as alternate colour and own bespoke opportunities. ModUrns hard wearing and high-end ABS plastic outer holds a Secure Blow Moulded Inner to maximise capacity and securely hold cremains. Our products will endure time and become collectables representing our families’ history and legacy.


Cremation urns are traditionally pewter and porcelain vessels placed on a mantel or Columbarium. They house the ashes of a loved one, but there is little interaction with the urn and the subject can often be confronting.
The ModUrn aims to bring cremation urns into the 21st century firstly through its highly customisable and friendly aesthetic. Secondly it’s encased wireless technology connects family members to the life story of their loved one within bluetooth proximity of a smart device. This can be viewed and contributed to, forming a support network to help people deal with grief.


Innovative World First Smart Urn
Australia Made Campaign Certified
Designed in conjunction with Award winning Australian Industrial designers at Ideation Design
Hybrid App
Mobile and Tablet responsive
Bluetooth proximity beacon
Secure and multi access levels
Capturing and communicating your Legacy for future generations

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